White-Cheecked Pintail
Yellow-tufted Woodpecker
Hooded Siskin
Yellow-rumped Cacique
Greenish Yellow-Finch
King Vulture
Cinereous Harrier
Greater Yellow-headed Vulture
Green Ibis
Gray- capped Flycatcher
Great Grebe
Golden-Winged Cacique
Chiloe Wigeon Puna  ,Blue Winged Teal
Chilean Andean Flamingo
Andean Duck
Burrowing Owl
Chilean Flamingo
White-Tufted Sunbeam
Vermilion Flycatcher
Short Tailed Hawk
Peruvian Thick Knee
Pale-winged Trumpeter
Maroon tailed Parakeet
Black Skimmers
Andean Gull
Andean Condors
Andean Condor
Wilson's Phalarope
Torrent ducks
Rufous-Collared Sparrow
Red-Legged Cormorant
Peruvian Booby
Inca Tern
Horned Screamer
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© 2013 by Paul Brainch.  All photographs copyright Paul Brainch Bird Photography.

Photo Gallery

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